Centenary Methodist Church - Founded 1818

The Ripley Centenary Methodist Church (CUMC), founded in 1818, has been at its current location at 110 North Second Street since 1868. Many substantial changes have been made to the building over the past 200 years. What you'll find today is a fellowship hall on the first floor to host church and community events; a newly remodeled kitchen; an elevator to transport members and visitors to the air-conditioned church sanctuary; beautiful stained glass windows.

This stained glass window is made of imported French and German glass. The pointed arches of its construction are typical of the best in Gothic architecture. The three main sections of the window, tall and narrow, are called "lancets." The three smaller sections, formed where the extended lines of the lancets gracefully intersect, are called "kites." The three lancets represent the Trinity. The central Cross represents the Redeemer and also signifies Faith and Atonement. The central lancet shows an ordinary family, sheltered by our Redeemer, who derives comfort and counsel from the teachings of the church. Also woven within the window are representation of dedicated people who founded and furthered the Methodist Church. At the very top, a burning flame shows the Devine inspiration of the Holy Spirit. From its light, comes the Holy Word and the Bible.

Sunday Services

  • 9:30 A.M. Breakfast
  • 10:00 A.M. Sunday School
  • 11:00 A.M. Worship Service
  • Children's Church for youth each Sunday

Did you know...

The Frank A. and Zua J. Stivers Memorial Window was given by their children: Andrew Jackson Stivers II, Richard Johnston Stivers and Mary Effie Stivers. 

The Centenary window is thirteen feet wide and twenty-seven feet high and is made of imported French and German glass.

This window depicts the history and basic tenets of Methodism and was designed and made by Douglas Phillips of Cleveland, Ohio