Our 1899 Pipe Organ - A True Historical Gem

The Centenary Methodist Church features a pipe organ which was built in 1899 by the Votteler-Hettche Organ Company of Cleveland, Ohio. This organ has two, manual and pedal, tracker (mechanical) action, with 61 notes and pedal compass of 30 notes, in 10 ranks, with 543 pipes. This organ was originally hand-pumped and the handle for doing so and feeder (bellows) are still extant. The person blowing the organ entered the small door in the left side of the organ casework and worked inside the case, therefore hidden from the view of the congregation.

Some years ago, an electric blower was added to the instrument and the organ had bellow repairs. Except for these and the addition of some chimes, the organ is believed to be unchanged from the time of installation.